Contact lenses are prescription medical devices that when fit and worn properly are a safe and healthy alternative to wearing glasses. Even if you were told in the past that you could not wear contacts, technology and new lens material have allowed more people to wear contact lenses than ever before.

The eye care professionals at Grinnell Eye Care review your visual history, examine and measure your corneas and provide a consultation session to recommend the best contact lenses for you. We teach you how to put in your new contacts, remove them and care for them. A follow up appointment is made to confirm your contact lenses are meeting your expectations. Of course you may give us a call at any time with questions!

The most popular contacts today are the daily disposables. With daily contacts, you never have to clean your lenses because you dispose of them nightly. Also, since they are replaced every day, you avoid deposit buildup and contamination which may cause eye irritation and infections.

Our office also dispenses planned replacement contacts that are worn monthly or biweekly and extended wear contact lenses. For those who can’t wear disposables, gas permeable lenses are an option we can prescribe.

For our “over forty” patients, bifocal or monovision contact lenses can be the way to go. These contacts allow you to see in the distance and to read fine print.

Contact our office today at (641) 236-4002 to set up a contact lens evaluation and free yourself from the need to wear glasses!

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